Friday, April 26, 2013

The First Day Checklist For Nonprofits

You probably think you are the only one who is nervous on the first day of a new job. In reality, nonprofit managers are probably just as anxious as you when the big day finally arrives.

Organizations have to go through a good deal of preparation if the first day of a new hire is to go as smoothly as possible. In their book “The Big Book of HR,” Barbara Mitchell and Cornelia Gamlem urged managers to be immediately available to the new hire. That means they should put off any planned days-offs or meetings so they can be there should the new employee encounter any difficulties. If an emergency comes up at the last moment, the manager should appoint someone to assist in his stead.

Mitchell and Gamlem also laid out nine checklist items to look over before the new employee arrives. All of these questions should be answered in the affirmative for the first day to be successful:
  • Does security know the new hire is starting?
  • Does the employee know when and where to report on Day One?
  • Is the work area ready with computer, phone, supplies, and welcoming items?
  • Do your staff members know when the new hire is arriving?
  • Do you have a plan for the first day and beyond?
  • Does your schedule include time for the new hire?
  • Does the new hire have a copy of the person’s job description?
  • Does the new hire have a copy of the organization’s strategic plan and mission statement?
  • Does the new hire know what to do in case of an emergency in the workplace?

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