Thursday, April 11, 2013

3 Body Language Tips For Your Job Interview

While the phone interview can be limiting by its nature, there is one good thing about it: You don't have to worry about poor body language hindering your chances of getting the job.

There's simply no way to avoid it: Having poor body language during a job interview will make a hiring manager think twice about offering you the job. It's not all about folded arms, either; eye contact, weak handshakes, and posture also reflect poorly on your personality. Adjusting your non-verbal communications to present a more welcoming vibe will make you more likable and, as a result, more hireable.

Here are three of the most important body language errors you need to stop:

  • The "Dead Fish" Handshake: Handshakes can tell a lot about a person. Someone with a weak handshake comes across as having no confidence, while a firm -- but not bonecrushing -- handshake reflects strength and confidence. Remember to smile while shaking the hand of the hiring manager.
  • Too Much or Too Little Eye Contact: Appropriate eye contact is all about balance. You want to look into the other person's eyes while they are talking, but you also don't want to stare. A general rule of thumb is to make eye contact 60 percent of the time. More than this risks appearing too intense, while any less will make you appear uninterested.
  • Slouching: The more straight your posture is during the interview, the better your confidence will be. Slouching also makes you seem lazy, something you want to avoid at all costs.

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