Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bensworth Appointed Executive Director Of Simon Foundation

The Simon Foundation for Education and Housing (SFEH) announced Monday that Sandra Bensworth has been appointed as executive director. She will be in charge of the Simon Scholar's program.

Bensworth, who was the founder and CEO of the private consulting firm BF Consultants, will be charged with expanding the Simon Scholar's program in Southern California and nationally by increasing the number of scholarships offered to underprivileged students. She will also be asked to build new partnerships with corporations, foundations and individuals using her business expertise.

“This opportunity has created a new path for me both professionally and personally and I am thrilled to be working for a great foundation with a purposeful program,” said Bensworth.

Founded in 2003, The Simon Scholars program is currently sponsored and administered by two other foundations in Southern California and New Mexico, and operates its own chapters in Atlanta, and Washington, D.C. It is a six-year scholarship valued at $30,000. As of today, there are 200 high school students and 300 college students benefiting from the program.

“The Simon Scholars program is committed to building tomorrow’s leaders through academic support, intensive life skills training and character building,” said Ronald M. Simon, founder of SFEH. “Sandra’s strong business acumen makes her the ideal candidate to support our Foundation’s expansion efforts which include aligning with other foundations, corporations and individual philanthropists that share our passion to positively impact the lives of students and therefore our community.”

Based in Newport Beach, Calif., SFEH's mission is to provide affordable education and housing to disadvantaged Americans. You can find out more information about the Foundation on its website.

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